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World Wide Views on Climate Change and Energy

Funding Year: 2015-2016 Following the June 6, 2015 World Wide Views on Climate and Energy ‘Day of Deliberation’ event, this GCRT convened an interdisciplinary team to discuss results from the event and conducted academic research projects on citizen engagement and public opinion on climate change and energy issues. Principal Investigators: Michele Betsill, Department of Political […]

February 26, 2018

Women, Population, and the Environment

Funding Year: 2010-2011 The WPE’s mission was to promote the status of women globally through education and dissemination of applied knowledge on the challenging issues of the times, such as climate change, food shortage and health. Knowledge and education will enable and empower women to make informed decisions for themselves, their family and society. Principal […]

August 22, 2018

Using Case Studies of Polarizing, Emotional and Politicized Topics: Addressing the Social Emotional Context of Controversial Environmental Issues

Funding Year: 2012-2013 The activities of this GCRT explored the use of case studies to address highly controversial issues such as climate change denial that typically attract intensely politicized, ideological, and polarized debates. Principal Investigators: William Timpson, School of Education Morris Burns, Department of Theater (retired) Rick Knight, Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources […]

Urban Lab & LENSES

Funding Year: 2013-2014 The purpose of this GCRT was to create a collaborative Urban Lab to enhance the sustainability and biodiversity of the urban areas between campus and Old Town, Fort Collins using the LENSES regenerative framework. The proposal was to develop a research and science based master plan that promotes biodiversity in an urban […]

University Water Strategy for Global Issues

Funding Year: 2012-2013 The goal of this GCRT was identify critical water issues and explore opportunities for the University to play a key role in future interdisciplinary research and management surrounding these topics. Principal Investigators: Brian Fugate, Department of Management Neil Grigg, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering LeRoy Poff, Department of Biology Melinda Laituri, […]

The Sustainable Urban Water Management Research Working Group

Funding Year: 2008-2009 Exciting new opportunities to apply sustainable concepts for water systems in urban areas are emerging. As our nation heads toward a massive water infrastructure crunch, substantial effort will be devoted to updating and managing old systems. This means that extensive changes in basic elements of our water systems are forthcoming, and this […]

August 21, 2018

The Institute for Society, Landscape, and Ecosystem Change (ISLEC)

Funding Year: 2008-2009 The ISLEC research working group allowed faculty from across CSU to combine their expertise to address complex land-use problems such as deforestation, urbanization, the wildland/urban interface, desertification, and land degradation. Scientists use many tools including social and ecological computer modeling techniques and geographical information systems to better understand past and present land-use […]

The Global Change Theory Working Group

Funding Year: 2008-2009 The group’s objective was to develop a resource-based theory of global change that coherently links drivers with resources and ecological responses across multiple levels of organization. Principal Investigators: Alan K. Knapp, Graduate Degree Program in Ecology and Biology Deb Peters, Jornada Experimental Range, New Mexico State University Osvaldo Sala, Arizona State University

Sustainable Performance of Healthy and Efficient Residential Environments (SPHERE)

Funding Year: 2019-2020 The mission of the SPHERE GCRT is to advance discovery and innovation that promote human health and well-being in residential homes. People spend 90% of their lives indoors and 70% at home. Housing and health are interacting human rights that strongly affect quality of life; the home, as a complex, social-environmental system, […]

April 12, 2019

Sustainable African Ecosystems and Societies under Global Change

Funding Year: 2013-2014 SoGES GCRT funding provided the opportunity to bring the PIs and the team together to accomplish the following goals: 1) address state of knowledge and current intra-CSU collegiate participation on biodiversity, conservation and management (BCM) issues in Africa, 2) explore research and education opportunities including innovative ways to address the issues and […]

August 22, 2018

Sustainable Affordable Housing

Funding Year: 2013-2014 Increase Demand for Non-traditional Building Material for Affordable Housing & Sustainable Housing by Identifying Cultural Barriers The purpose of this GCRT was to identify ways to expand the use of non-traditional building materials into highly efficient homes in an effort to reduce the demand for the virgin natural resources typically used in […]

Social Sciences in Air Quality, Climate, and Health Research

Funding Year: 2015-2016 This research team studied linkages between pollution and other aspects of air quality, climate change, and public health, with engagement from the social sciences to better understand human choices and behavior, improve communication of risks associated with poor air quality, and devise solutions to improve human health. Principal Investigators: Marilee Long, Department […]

February 26, 2018

Scaling up CSU’s Center for Science Communication: Enhancing Interdisciplinarity to Communicate about Science and Sustainability

Funding Year: 2018-2019 Confronting today’s most pressing global scientific and sustainability issues, we are faced with the added burden of polarized political, media, and public spheres. To address this challenge, this GCRT will develop and demonstrate interdisciplinary opportunities for the study and practice of science communication and the role of information in decision-making among members […]

May 2, 2018

Reducing Vulnerability and Improving Sustainability to Natural Disasters at the Natural, Built, Social, and Economic Interface

Funding Year: 2012-2013 The purpose of this GCRT was to create an interdisciplinary, multidimensional understanding of how communities—in concert with the natural systems within which they interactively exist—may be made less vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters. Principal Investigators: Craig Trumbo, Department of Journalism and Technical Communication Lori Peek, Department of Sociology Melinda Laituri, […]

August 22, 2018

Northern Colorado Sustainable Systems Analysis Network

This team, which includes the City of Fort Collins, will connect the research needs of Northern Colorado’s local governments with sustainable systems analysts at CSU to evaluate strategies for climate mitigation, waste reduction, and water conservation. The team will bring important resources for this type of research to CSU and leverage existing research efforts for […]

February 12, 2018

Next-generation Electricity Demand Response

Funding Year: 2018-2019 This GCRT will generate initial results towards development of systematic methods for enabling the next-generation of electricity demand response programs, aimed at increasing free-market mechanisms in the end-user realm of the electricity grid. They will investigate new pricing techniques for retail electricity vendors—known as aggregators—that make a profit by representing aggregated electric […]

May 2, 2018

Managing for Resilience

Funding Year: 2011-2012 The Managing for Resilience group developed a framework for designing sustainable natural resource management strategies for systems undergoing directional change. Principal Investigators: Dennis Ojima, Department of Ecosystem and Sustainability Science Robin Reid, Center for Collaborative Conservation Michele Betsill, Department of Political Science Kathy Galvin, Department of Anthropology Scott Denning, Department of Atmospheric […]

August 22, 2018

LENSES: Regenerative Urban Environments

Funding Years: 2009-2010, 2011-2012 Regenerative Urban Environments Research Working Group will focus on creating a guiding framework for use by communities, organizations and project teams who want to develop Living Environments, and has members spanning 9 different departments across the University. A Living Environment is a new concept and paradigm shift – the notion that […]

Institute for Livestock and the Environment (ILE)

Funding Year: 2008-2009 The ILE worked toward solving a problem at the interface of livestock production and science-based environmental management. The ILE brought together faculty from many disciplines across CSU to balance issues of economic growth in the livestock industry with environmental protection, which is a key component to achieving sustainable rural communities. Principal Investigator: […]

August 15, 2018

Hydraulic Fracturing

Funding Year: 2015-2016 This research team studied the potential groundwater and human health impacts of surface spills containing chemicals used for unconventional oil and gas exploration. 2015-2016 activities: Hydraulic Fracturing and EPA meeting, April 2016 Hydraulic Fracturing Open House poster Hydraulic fracturing chemical spills on agricultural land need scrutiny, say CSU researchers, SOURCE story June […]

February 26, 2018

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