Centers and Programs

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The School houses four CSU centers and one international organization by providing office space and administrative support.

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SALAZAR CENTER The center focuses on conservation throughout North America and plays a leading role in building and maintaining effective links between science, policy development, and management. It is intended as a new venue for discussion of difficult issues, definition of opportunities for innovation, and development of new approaches to key challenges.

STUDENT SUSTAINABILITY CENTER Committed to improving institutional sustainability at CSU while developing interdisciplinary skills to apply upon graduation. Members participate in numerous volunteer opportunities, work on personal projects, and host events to increase individual and communal awareness of living sustainably.

GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY CENTER Linking researchers across campus; providing expertise in biodiversity research to other scientists, policy makers, natural resource managers, and conservation practitioners at the state, national, and international levels; and working towards the enhancement of biodiversity through research, policy advancement, and outreach.

AFRICA CENTER The Africa Center aims to enhance biodiversity, advance human and animal health, empower communities, and promote environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Leading change for sustainable African ecosystems and societies.

FUTURE EARTHFuture Earth is a global platform for international scientific collaboration, providing the knowledge required for societies in the world to face risks posed by global environmental change and to seize opportunities in a transition to global sustainability.