Affiliate Faculty

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Studying, explaining, and contributing to sustainability requires a broad range of knowledge. We look across the faculty of CSU each year and invite researchers with relevant expertise and interests to affiliate with our school. Designation as an Affiliate Faculty requires agreement between the School and the faculty member’s home department and college.

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Rebecca Jablonski

Stephan Kroll

Andy Seidl

Dawn Thilmany McFadden

Agricultural Biology

Cynthia Brown

Thomas Holtzer

Ruth Hufbauer

Jan Leach

Paul Ode

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Jane Choi

Elizabeth Hobbs

Soil and Crop Sciences

Thomas Borch

M. Francesca Cotrufo

Steven Fonte

Eugene Kelly

Suellen Melzer

Keith Paustian

Meagan Schipanski


Tom Dean

Susan Golicic

Atmospheric Science

Elizabeth Barnes

Scott Denning

Emily Fischer

Sonia Kreidenweis

Kristen Rasmussen

Dave Thompson

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Kenneth Reardon

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Aditi Bhaskar

Jens Blotevogel

Suren Chen

Neil Grigg

Sybil Sharvelle

Subhas Karan Venayagamoorthy

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Chandrasekar Venkatachalam

Mechanical Engineering

Anthony Marchese

Jason Quinn

Construction Management

Scott Glick

Svetlana Olbina

Mehmet Ozbek

Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez

Design and Merchandising

Stephanie Clemons

Sonali Diddi

Ruoh-Nan (Terry) Yan

School of Education

Jill Zarestky

Anthropology and Geography

Kathleen Galvin

Art and Art History

Jason Frazier

Mary-Ann Kokoska

Erika Osborne

Communication Studies

Martin Carcasson


Edward Barbier

Jo Burgess Barbier

Alexandra Bernasek


Dan Beachy-Quick

Doug Cloud


Ruth M. Alexander

Journalism and Media Communication

Joe Champ

Michael Humphrey

Craig Trumbo

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Jonathan Carlyon


Philip Cafaro

Katie McShane

Kenneth Shockley

Political Science

Michele Betsill

Robert Duffy

Stephen Mumme

Kyle Saunders

Dimitris Stevis


Michael Carolan

Jennifer Cross

Stephanie Malin

Laura Raynolds

Pete Taylor

Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

Jill Baron

Rich Conant

Julia Klein

Melinda Laituri

Dennis Ojima

Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology

Delwin Benson

Kevin Crooks

Erica Fleishman

Liba Pejchar Goldstein

Sarah Reed

Robert Schorr

Forest and Rangeland Stewardship

Tony Cheng

Maria Fernandez-Gimenez

Troy Ocheltree

Courtney Schultz


Rick Aster

Ellen Wohl

Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

Kelly Jones


Daniel Bush

Chris Funk

Cameron Ghalambor

Alan Knapp

Dale Lockwood

Graham Peers

LeRoy Poff

Melinda Smith

Diana H. Wall


Tony Rappe

A.R. (Ravi) Ravishankara


Patricia Aloise-Young


Daniel Cooley

Biomedical Science

Jennifer Barfield

Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences

Sheryl Magzamen

Jennifer Peel

Howard Ramsdell

Elizabeth Ryan

Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

Colleen Duncan

Brian Foy

Bruno Sobral

Sue VandeWoude

Autumn Bernhardt, University Honors Program

Brian Dunbar, Institute for the Built Environment

Erica Fleischman, Director of Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands

Amy Hoseth, Libraries

Donald Mykles, University Honors Program

Reagan Waskom, Colorado Water Center