Enhancing Urban Community Well-being through Horticulture and Design

Funding Year: 2017-2018

Horticulture and urban design have wide-ranging impacts on physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals and on community well-being. Design components including parks, community gardens, playgrounds, sports fields, green spaces, and natural settings all contribute to individual and community well-being. This team brought faculty and students together from across campus to tackle the challenges of sustainability in urban environments.

Principal Investigators:

  • Jessica Davis, Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
  • Chris Bell, Department of Health and Exercise Science
  • Albert Bimper, Department of Ethnic Studies
  • Alessandro Bonanno, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • Brian Dunbar, Institute for the Built Environment
  • Chris Melby, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Sybil Sharvelle, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Lorann Stallones, Colorado School of Public Health
  • Michael Steger, Department of Psychology