Global Biodiversity Center

A network of faculty working on biodiversity research at the University encouraging knowledge transfer and cross-campus collaboration.

Increasingly a greater focus has been put on biodiversity in all systems as it provides numerous ecosystem services and sustains human well-being. Here at Colorado State University, a number of researchers, across disciplines, study the many facets of biodiversity and the benefits biodiversity provides for ecosystem services.

The SoGES Global Biodiversity Center (GBC) is a campus wide Initiative that will work to:

  • Network faculty involved in biodiversity research at CSU
  • Encourage knowledge transfer across campus and potential collaborations
  • Promote CSU as an international center for biodiversity research through research and public awareness

The mission of the Global Biodiversity Center is to advance understanding, conservation, and appreciation of life’s variation, ranging from genetics and organisms to ecosystems and their interactions. In all systems, aquatic to terrestrial and managed to natural, biodiversity maintains life on our planet and underpins the ecosystem services vital to human well-being, including food, carbon storage, climate regulation, and aesthetics and cultural support. The Global Biodiversity Center works to maintain and enhance biodiversity through research, policy advancement, education, and outreach at CSU

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 Contact Chris Funk or visit the Global Biodiversity Center website