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The School is actively involved in educating and equipping students with knowledge and tools to tackle sustainability challenges. 

Educating a sustainable workforce

We offer interdisciplinary sustainability curricula, promoting the development and integration of sustainability concepts into courses across campus, and work to increase the breadth of programs for all levels of students. 

The School’s rigorous curriculum integrates economic, societal, and environmental dimensions of sustainability. Its educational offerings are overseen by a committee of sustainability experts drawn from all colleges at CSU. 

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The curriculum for the School of Global Environmental Sustainability focuses on a comprehensive understanding of the linkages between society, economics and the environment, upon which sustainable human actions can be based. Students who complete the curriculum will be able to determine solutions to problems that have developed from human interactions with the environment.


GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY MINOR (GES)Provides a deep understanding of the complexity surrounding the problems we face and the solutions that we need to implement to address climate change, biodiversity, pollution, public health, oceans, food security and development on a global scale.

SUSTAINABLE WATER INTERDISCIPLINARY MINOR (SWIM)Focuses on water issues from social, political, economic, and ecological perspectives. Students gain knowledge of the complexities of water management and its use.

SUSTAINABILITY IN PEACE AND RECONCILIATION STUDIES MINOR (SPRS)Provides students from across the University the opportunity to obtain a background in the interdisciplinary field of Peace and Reconciliation Studies including the social, philosophical, and education aspects of peace and reconciliation and how these can address issues of sustainability.

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY MINOR (SEM)For students who recognize the need to break down the traditional barriers that separate the science and engineering of energy from the social, economic and political dimensions of energy. The Minor in Sustainable Energy offers undergraduate students, regardless of their major, an opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of the many dimensions of sustainable energy.

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Graduate certificates consist of 9-15 credit sequences that are narrowly focused on a particular sustainability topic. All coursework in these programs addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and delivers technical knowledge that can be immediately applied. Certificates are designed for individuals working for NGOs, environmental services companies, or government entities focused on improving people’s lives through the development of sustainable environmental practices. Students can receive certificates as part of a Masters or Ph.D. program or as a stand-alone program. The four certificates and programs are: 

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Dale Lockwood, SoGES Academic Coordinator, at or by calling (970) 492-4070.