Minor in Global Environmental Sustainability

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Individual problems of sustainability are rarely simple. The complex interactions among society, the economy, and the environment require solutions that cross boundaries and involve creative, innovative thought. Interdisciplinary problem solving is  more and more the way science and engineering problems are solved.

The School of Global Environmental Sustainability is proud to offer an interdisciplinary minor in Global Environmental Sustainability. The GES Minor offers students in every department a curriculum that enhances their major with an understanding of the issues of sustainability and provides students with the tools to bring sustainability into their career paths.

The GES minor is a 21-credit sequence with course offerings from 25 different subject codes across all eight colleges, providing depth in learning and allowing students to tailor coursework to augment their interests. The minor provides a deep understanding of the complexity surrounding the problems we face and the solutions that we need to implement to address climate change, biodiversity, pollution, public health, oceans, food security and development on a global scale.

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An Important Way to Become Involved in your Future

The GES Minor is an interdisciplinary set of courses that allows you to build upon your major to understand the problems and solutions that we all face.


  • Declaring the minor, which requires meeting with the GES minor advisor, and completing the necessary paperwork.
  • GES101 – Foundations of Global Environmental Sustainability
  • Five courses chosen from a list of four curriculum areas: Society and Social Process, Biological and Physical Processes, Economy and Profitability, and Skills. Three of these courses must be upper division (300 or above).
  • The capstone, GES470 – Applications of Environmental Sustainability

Download the Global Environmental Sustainability Minor checksheet

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Dr. Dale Lockwood, SoGES Academic Coordinator, at GESadvising@colostate.edu or by calling (970) 492-4070.

To schedule a virtual appointment, click here – https://calendly.com/drlockwood/15min