Student Sustainability Center

The Student Sustainability Center (SSC) is a university-wide, student-run organization that empowers both undergraduate and graduate students through education and skill-building to advance sustainability practices on and beyond CSU’s campus. The Center prioritizes addressing the intersectionality of social, economic, and environmental sustainability challenges. The events, projects, and initiatives run by the SSC help shape the culture and practice of sustainability on campus and in our community while simultaneously preparing members for becoming future sustainability leaders

Group of students after the first meeting of the Student Sustainability Center in Fall 2019

The Student Sustainability Center Club

The SSC Club is open to students of every major and provides opportunities to learn, explore, and act in all aspects of sustainability. From helping to build solar arrays to organizing sustainability fashion shows, the SSC Club participates heavily in sustainability-focused activities and guides the direction of the Center. It is ready to take on the challenges of sustainability and have a great time doing it.

The Student Sustainability Center:

  • Promotes relationships and information exchange among students from any major and across campus
  • Engages CSU and community actors in sustainability endeavors
  • Raises the awareness of sustainability grand challenges
  • Connects undergraduates to  SoGES and the minor in Global Environmental Sustainability
  • Provides valuable information on jobs, internships, current news, and opportunities around campus and community
  • Provides a fun, engaging environment for students from all disciplines  to build lasting connections

Graduate Chapter of Sustainability Student Center

The Graduate Student Chapter of the Student Sustainability Center seeks to equip graduate students who are interested in sustainability-related careers with professional skills that are relevant in graduate school and beyond. Members will have the opportunity to attend sessions and workshops led by various sustainability professionals where they will learn skills applicable to future work as a sustainability professional.

These sessions will focus on developing seven crucial aptitudes identified by ANGLES (A Network for Graduate Leadership in Sustainability):

  1. Fostering Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  2. Building Emotional Intelligence
  3. Collaborating for Impact
  4. Communicating and Engaging
  5. Strategic Thinking and Planning
  6. Working Productively and Efficiently
  7. Making Your Work Matter

The Graduate Student Chapter is available to students in Master’s and Ph.D. programs and will serve as an excellent way for graduate students from departments across the university to meet and network.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please reach out


NITROGEN FOOTPRINT PROJECT is an endeavor to track the carbon and nitrogen use of CSU’s campus. This student-led project placed CSU among the world’s first institutions to calculate its nitrogen footprint and continues to innovate and inform sustainability on campus .

COALITION FOR SUSTAINABLE STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS (CSSO) is a partnership of registered student organizations chaired by the SSC. The coalition encourages collaboration and communication across sustainability-oriented student groups to empower collective efforts that address sustainability challenges. Sign your CSU organization up with the CSSO here.

Director and Officers

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Sam Moccia, SSC Dircetor, or by calling (970) 492-4165.

Office hours are held in Johnson Hall 115.