Student Sustainability Center

A University-wide, student run organization whose mission is to empower students to advance sustainability practices and principles. The Center involves students in volunteer projects, hosts events to raise awareness about sustainability, consolidates and distributes sustainability information and news, and builds relationships across campus to promote environmental initiatives. 

The Student Sustainability Center is committed to improving institutional sustainability at CSU while developing interdisciplinary skills to apply upon graduation for all members. We work towards accomplishing our goals while keeping in mind the three pillars of sustainability and recognize the connection between each one of them. We participate in numerous volunteer opportunities, work on our own projects, and host events to increase personal and communal awareness of living sustainably and the greater implications of doing so. 


booth at Involvment Fair 2017

Primary Goals:

  • promote interdisciplinary relations across all majors and encourage sustainable practices in all fields 
  • connect undergraduates to the School and the minor in Global Environmental Sustainability 
  • provide valuable information on jobs and internships for students, current news, and opportunities around campus and community 
  • provide a fun environment for all undergraduates to be a part of and build lasting connections with fellow students 


COALITION FOR SUSTAINABLE STUDENT ORGANIZATION (CSSO) – The Coalition for Sustainable Student Organizations is an up and coming collaboration between student organizations involved in sustainability. The goal of the coalition is to help facilitate relations between student organizations and provide assistance where needed. We have affiliated student organizations as well as active ones that participate in the conversation.

LEADING ENVIRONMENTAL ADVANCEMENT FELLOWSHIP (LEAF) – LEAF is a free, year-long program in the Student Sustainability Center under the School of Global Environmental Sustainability that meets for 1 to 2 hours, one to two times a month. The purpose of this program is to provide passionate, concerned students a pathway to become competent, skillful sustainable professionals. Our sessions will work with selected students how they can apply their degrees in a wide array of career opportunities, build a network of sustainability professionals, and communicate to learn about their field of interests beyond the classroom. The interdisciplinary nature of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the private and public sector, and communication across government, business, science, etc. is highly valued in graduates. Acceptance into the program is competitive, and it is a unique building block for resumes and professional development for students at Colorado State University across all eight colleges.

THE SSC CLUB – The SSC Club is open to all undergraduate and graduate students of any major and class level, and involvement can be as active or inactive as desired.

SSC club meeting

Director and Officers