Undergraduate Programs at CSU

At Colorado State University, sustainability is foundational to who we are.

Below you’ll find majors, minors, programs, and certificates that have been reviewed by our curriculum committee and have been deemed to have their foundation in sustainability. If you’re looking for a program of study to go along with your sustainability minor, you’ll find it here.

  • Global Environmental Sustainability Minor
  • The Role of Sustainability in Peace and Reconciliation
  • Sustainable Energy Minor
  • Sustainable Water Interdisciplinary Minor
  • International Development Studies Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Minor
  • BS in Environmental & Natural Resources Economics
  • Minor in Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • BS in Environmental Horticulture
  • BS in Landscape Architecture
  • Minor in Environmental Horticulture
  • Interdisciplinary Minor in Organic Agriculture
  • Minor in Soil Science
  • Minor in Soil Restoration and Conservation
  • Soil and Crop Sciences
    • Soil Ecology Concentration
    • Soil Restoration and Conservation Concentration
  • BA in Political Science
    • Environmental Politics and Policy Concentration
  • BA in Sociology
    • Specialization in Environmental Sociology
  • BS in Environmental Engineering
  • BS Forest and Rangeland Stewardship
  • BS Restoration Ecology
  • BS in Natural Resources Management
  • BS in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
  • BS in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
  • BS in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability