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To learn about the SoGES Sustainability Leadership Fellows program for PhD students and postdocs at CSU, click HERE.

SoGES co-leads ANGLES – a network of universities in the United States and Canada engaged in leadership development for graduate students in sustainability – whose mission is to grow the capacity for collective leadership and impact on sustainability by accelerating and improving leadership development in graduate education.

More will be asked of our future expert leaders in sustainability. These experts will be expected to not only possess expertise in their chosen field, but also be adept at understanding, translating, and communicating that work in a larger context so it can have meaningful impact on the social-environmental-economic challenges the world faces. This means that we need expert leaders with additional skills beyond what might be trained in their degree program; skills that can help them apply their knowledge effectively, understand stakeholder needs, work collaboratively, communicate outside their discipline, make decisions in the face of ambiguity, be adaptable and resilient, affect policy, foster equity and justice, and more.

ANGLES is a group of universities each with programs dedicated to providing these skills to graduate students. Sustainability leadership training programs are often challenging to fund, develop, and staff, and they are few and far between despite a large and growing need. Together we ask what is possible if we not only align our diverse efforts to develop sustainability leaders, but combine, expand, and share our core contributions in novel and widely accessible ways to collaboratively broaden the training landscape and close sustainability leadership training gaps.

Internally, ANGLES aims to leverage and share resources among our programs to amplify our own program capacities and openly share best practices between the network institutions. Externally, we serve as resources and mentors to other programs, making it easier to get started and be successful, with a goal of expanding the landscape of leadership training opportunities for graduate students in sustainability. SoGES is dedicated to learning from and helping other programs succeed, and moreover expanding access to leadership training in sustainability. We believe there can never be too many experts with the tools and skills to fight for a more sustainable world. As a member of ANGLES, SoGES is able to not only help and support emerging sustainability leadership programs, but also leverage internal resources for ideas to improve our own Sustainability Leadership Fellows program, as well as a proof of concept for what we’re teaching.


Aleta Weller, Senior Research and Engagement Officer, at Aleta.Weller@colostate.edu or by calling (970) 491-3653.