Dimitris Stevis

Professor, Department of Political Science

Resident Fellowship Year: 2022-2023

Faculty Profile: Dimitris Stevis

Research Focus: The strategy of just transitions–transitions that are humane and equitable to affected people while propelling us all towards sustainability–is receiving growing global and local attention as states and localities aim to significantly enhance their environmental sustainability. While historically the focus of just transitions has been on fossil fuel transitions, the term is now expanding to include much wider applications – from biodiversity to food to environmental health to the extraction of natural resources to how we produce and consume material goods and beyond. The goal of this Resident Fellow project is to provide a more comprehensive account of just transitions as a relevant, necessary, and appropriate strategy for all sustainability transitions. The products will be: story map(s) of just transitions that

illustrate and describe the suitability of just transitions across sustainability transitions; and, building on that, a comprehensive and inclusive database of just transition policies, advocacy, and research. Employing the story map approach will highlight the importance of space while its scalability will enhance the value of the database. Stevis is on the Steering Committee of the Center for Environmental Justice and will collaborate with Sophia Linn, Associate Director of the Geospatial Centroid, thus strengthening the relations between the two centers.