Sustainability-in-LIFE: Infusing Sustainability Principles and Science Into the Introductory Biology Curriculum at CSU

The Sustainability-in-LIFE project will create inquiry-driven laboratory activities that explicitly engage students around the science of sustainability in the context of basic biological principles for two of the highest enrollment natural science courses at CSU (LIFE 102 and 103). Ten labs will be revised to highlight the relevance of sustainability in human life and in solutions to the current and future challenges faced by humanity. For example, revising the Photosynthesis lab to focus on algal blooms in aquatic systems and issues of carbon sequestration and cycling. The lab activities will be developed on the Canvas learning platform, making them readily available for re-use and exposing CSU’s large student audience to the interdisciplinary aspects of sustainability science.

Tanya Dewey

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

Lauren (Ren) García-Hellmuth

Professional Science Masters in Zoo, Aquarium, and Animal Shelter Management

Kim Hoke

Professor, Department of Biology