Development and Integration of Sustainability Concepts into Introductory-Level Geoscience

The geosciences play a key role in many of the sustainability grand challenges faced by society.  Mineral, water, and energy resources are under pressure, and communities are being impacted by hazards from flooding, mass wasting (e.g. landslides) and sea level rise. This project will develop new teaching modules focused on these topics that more fully integrate sustainability concepts into geoscience content. These modules will incorporate the social, economic, and scientific aspects of geoscience topics and focus on the interconnections between them, which will empower students as future leaders in their disciplines. This project will develop teaching tools such as background readings, case studies, presentation slides, and activities, and will be designed with flexibility in mind to meet the goals of the instructor.

Sean Bryan

Senior Instructor, Department of Geosciences

Sean Gallen

Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences

Michael Ronayne

Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences

Lisa Stright

Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences