Salazar Center

The Center will focus on conservation throughout North America and play a leading role in building and maintaining effective links between science, policy development, and management. It is intended as a new venue for discussion of difficult issues, definition of opportunities for innovation, and development of new approaches to key challenges.

One of the center’s most important tasks will be promoting a large-scale and systemic view of North American conservation that recognizes connections between conservation, environmental quality, economic strength, and our quality of life. It will explore the conservation implications of critical interlinked challenges like climate change, land use change, and biodiversity loss.

The center is also expected to address the relationship and coordination of public and private sector conservation decisions, the creation and maintenance of international parks and reserves, and the management of water resources and invasive and protected species across international borders.

Picture of Secretary Salazar

Goals for the Center

Conservation needs, environmental needs, societal needs, economic needs, and competing priorities for use of land, water, the atmosphere, and energy resources do not exist in silos; neither can their solutions. The Salazar Center will bring communities and leaders together to develop and implement a 21st century conservation agenda broad enough to make impact across North America, yet focused enough to produce tangible results.