Rekha Warrier, Ph.D.

Picture of Rekha Warrier

Post-doctoral Researcher, School of Global Environmental Sustainability

Rekha Warrier is a postdoctoral fellow at SOGES. She is currently working on a project helmed by SOGES research scientist Patrick Keys. The project explores the cross-scale interactions between Sustainable Development Goals in Kenya. Her ongoing work focuses on the development of an agent-based model that simulates the interactions between Kenyan pastoral households and their environment. She received a doctoral degree in ecology from Colorado State University in 2019. Her doctoral dissertation explored complex human-tiger interactions in a densely populated agricultural landscape in India. Her broader research interests lie at the intersection of climate change, sustainability and the conservation of large mammals. She hails from India and has had the privilege to work as a field biologist in many of India’s wild landscapes. She enjoys science communication and is an amateur nature writer.

Sustainability Leadership Fellow Cohort: 2017-2018

Ph.D. Student, Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology and Graduate Degree Program in Ecology

Research Summary:My research explores the myriad ecological and social dimensions associated with the conservation of large mammals, particularly tigers in human dominated landscapes in India. In the past my research has focused on estimating the spatial distribution and abundance patterns of tigers and their prey to inform the management of these populations in small and fragmented protected areas in northern India. My ongoing doctoral research addresses the more complex challenge of ensuring the conservation of these species when they occur outside protected area boundaries amidst dense human populations using a combination of ecological and social research techniques.

Advisor: Barry R. Noon

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