Bringing a Sustainability Focus into the Composition Course 301B: Writing in the Sciences

This project will strengthen connections between composition and STEM by redesigning CO301B to emphasize the mutual relevance of sustainability science, writing, and civic engagement. CO301B: Writing in the Sciences, is a popular science writing course at CSU which fulfills the intermediate writing requirement for many STEM majors across campus. Its curricular role and learning objectives are intrinsically connected to sustainability, but sustainability topics are not yet formally part of the course. This project will develop a sustainability-focused version of the class (syllabus, lesson plans, and assignments) that makes explicit the course’s implicit sustainability connections. Responding to student interests and cross-college strengths in climate, food, water, and energy, the new version of the course will foreground how scientific expertise alone is insufficient to engender productive societal dialogue around complex challenges. The project will also generate better tools for training new CO301B instructors, support current instructions, and elevate the quality and cohesiveness of instruction across course sections, as well as benefit instructors in other departments who are interested in incorporating more writing in their sustainability-minded courses.

Erika Szymanski

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Kristie Yelinek

Senior Instructor, Department of English

Ryan Campbell

Instructor, Department of English