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Leading Environmental Advancement Fellowship

Leading Environmental Advancement Fellowship (LEAF) Program

A well-rounded program to equip motivated students who are interested in sustainability-related careers with professional skills and builds sustainability competence in the workplace. Students of any major are invited to apply to this year-long program. (LEAF-incl. testimonials, N-Footprint, CSSO, bio, )

The Student Sustainability Center is committed to empowering students and giving them the resources that they need to improve sustainability on and beyond CSU’s campus. The Leading Environmental Advancement Fellowship (LEAF) is one way that the Student Sustainability Center provides these resources.

Once accepted into the LEAF cohort, students will attend sessions led by various sustainability professionals where they will learn skills applicable to their future work as a sustainability professional. Each session will center around a particular skill or topic and will consist of exercises, mentoring, and facilitation with that session’s guest professional. Members of the LEAF cohorts will be expected to attend between one and two sessions a month and will be expected to complete minimal readings and exercises in preparation for sessions. Attendance to these events is mandatory and necessary to complete the Leading Environmental Advancement Fellowship.

Mock interview session run during the LEAF Program
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To learn more about the Leading Environmental Advancement Fellowship, please contact Nevan Mandel at