Kevin Jablonski

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PhD Student, Department of Forest and Rangeland Ecology, Colorado State University

My dissertation research focuses on larkspur, a group of native perennial plants that are toxic to cattle and present numerous challenges to sustainable grazing management in the western US. Using a complex systems based approach, we are incorporating experimental research, plant surveys, agent-based modeling, and producer knowledge to generate an adaptable new framework for grazing management in larkspur habitat. The aim of this new framework is to allow cattle to graze in larkspur habitat at any time with no deaths, thereby greatly improving producers’ ability to meet economic and ecological objectives while enabling them to move away from destructive herbicides. Additionally, I am leading a collaboration with Lion Guardians, an NGO working in the Amboseli ecosystem of Kenya, to improve understanding of lost livestock, a key driver of conflict between Maasai pastoralists and large carnivores.

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Warner College of Natural Resources
Department of Forest & Rangeland Stewardship