Michael Shepard

Picture of Michael Shepard

Visiting Fellow, United States

Michael Shepard is the former Chairman and CEO of E Source, a firm fostering efficient use and sustainable production of energy.  He has published hundreds of articles on energy, climate change, electric vehicles, and sustainable agriculture. Formerly, he directed the energy program at Rocky Mountain Institute.

Michael holds a B.S. with distinction in Natural Resource Conservation from Cornell University and a Masters in Energy and Resources from UC Berkeley. Michael and his wife divide their time between Colorado and Rwanda, where he works with Inyenyeri, a company providing clean cooking from sustainably sourced biomass pellets to the world’s poorest families.

During his visiting fellowship with SoGES, Michael will be interacting with many CSU faculty and researchers on off-grid energy, community forestry, soil carbon, and design improvements, testing, health impacts, and behavioral economics of advanced biomass cooking.