Pilar Andrés

Picture of Pilar Andrés

Visiting Fellow, Spain

Pilar Andrés received her Ph.D. from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with a dissertation on the role of mites on forest litter decomposition. Following her doctorate, she joined the staff of the Center for Ecological Research and Forest Applications (CREAF, Barcelona) as a researcher in charge of applied land restoration projects. She first led projects addressed to restore soils heavily degraded by mining and public works while recycling urban and agricultural organic wastes. During this period, she evaluated restoration quality and soil pollution by using indicators based on soil microarthropod analyses. Over time, these projects became multidisciplinary and included the whole ecological and socioeconomic system from a social multicriteria approach. In 2004 she started a European Union – Latin America ALFA network for joint research and post-graduate training. Since then, her research has been conducted in the dry tropical region of Central America. She had a two year Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship to work at SoGES with Dr. Diana Wall, Biology and Dr. John Moore, NREL. Her research while here was to model effects of land use and management on soil biodiversity on environmental services provided by soil trophic webs.