Overall Goals and Projects

2016-2017 Overall Focus and Goals

The members of the SSC will determine the overarching goals for the upcoming year at the first meeting early on in the fall semester. We will set a few focus points to center our events and projects around while continuing our ongoing projects found below. These goals along with updated project progress will be found on this page. If you're interested in becoming a member of the SSC this year, contact our director, Emily Taylor. 

Ongoing SSC Projects and Goals

Student Sustainability Database

The SSC in partnership with the President's Sustainability Committee is working towards creating a new Student Sustainability Database. Through the Database you will be able to find information on sustainability related student organizations, as well as info on projects going on around campus that are often run by individual students.  This will serve several purposes.  One, we can better show the unification of student voices in regards to sustainability projects and initiatives.  Two, it will help students find sustainability related clubs and projects to get involved in.  Three, it will help show the public (locally and beyond) what student sustainability at CSU is all about. The database will be housed on the Student Sustainability Center website

Student Sustainability Fund

The SSC sets aside a portion of our funds each year to be used on sustainability projects around campus.  These projects must come from a student at CSU, and there is an application that must be completed and approved prior to receiving funding.  If you have an idea, questions, or other concerns, please contact E.Taylor@colostate.edu and Jackvv@rams.colostate.edu and we can answer those questions or get you started on an application!

Green Bulletin

This weekly email will keep you informed about programs and events related to the environment or sustainability. It includes events hosted by the Student Sustainability Center, our partners, and others on campus and in the Fort Collins community.  See the 'About' tab to the right to get signed up.  For event organizers: Please let us know what you're up to and contact E.Taylor@colostate.edu or Jackvv@rams.colostate.edu; we can help publicize!

CSU Nitrogen Footprint Project

During the spring 2015 semester a team of ~12 undergraduates began work on compiling data to create a comprehensive nitrogen footprint for Colorado State University. This project is being carried out in conjunction with several other universities across the nation as part of a larger initiative being led by the University of Virginia. The Nitrogen Footprint will be managed by a new project manager starting in Fall 2016. We currently have a set of preliminary results, and will release final, first-year results shortly. 

Sustainability Signage

Members of the Student Sustainability Center canvased part of the campus posting small signs with sustainability tips and tricks.  This will be a regular event to help our peers make sustainable decisions in their every day lives.


Initiatives Endorsed by the SSC

Plastic Ban

ASCSU Resolution #4311 – PASSED - ASCSU supports the phase out of single use plastic bags and water bottles.  Written by Jeff Cook, Chair GSC Green Initiatives Committee.  Resulted in the "Leave the Plastic, Plant a Tree" campaign being run the Student Sustainability Center and the Lory Student Center Bookstore.

Fair Trade University

ASCSU Resolution #43XX – PASSED - ASCSU officially endorses the Fair Trade University resolution and certification.  Written by Lindsey Earl, Founder and Former President of Fair Trade University and Connor Schmidt Current Fair Trade University President.


Club Discussions

CSU Policy Discussions

At each of our meetings we discuss issues of sustainability on our campus and possible solutions to those problems.  Sometimes the solution is simply awareness, other times it takes much more than that.  These discussions have helped spawn ASCSU Resolutions in the past. In addition to local discussions, time will be dedicated at each meeting to discuss some of the issues at hand in regards to environmental, social and economic matters that affect sustainability nationally and globally. 


External organizations can contact our officers to help spread the word about their volunteering opportunities to be posted on the weekly Green Bulletin and to be discussed during meetings.

School of Global Environmental Sustainability Updates

The SSC is housed under SoGES s at each meeting, we will update the SSC members on current SoGES events and initiatives.


Past Student Projects/Research with SSC Support

Bug Farm

Project led by Johnny Roos and Jack VanVleet at the Geller Center on Howes Street.  The Bug Farm  had a variety of useful applications for CSU.  Insects can be sold to raise money for future student projects.  The farm can be an educational tool to show people ways to eat more sustainably by either directly consuming insect protein or by using the insects as feed to raise chickens.  The overall purpose of the farm will be to get hands on experience and education of incorporating insects into our food system. 

Cowboy Garden Irrigation

Project led by Connor Walsh and Colton Pinto.  This irrigation system was completely designed and built by CSU students to help keep a local community garden healthy year round.  The community garden, called the Cowboy Garden, utilized student volunteers to grow produce as sustainably as possible.  The majority of its produce was donated to the Larimer County food bank.


Past SSC Projects

Food Day (2013)

In October of 2013 the SSC organized and hosted a Food Day event at CSU.  Food Day is a national event to support locally, sustainability grown food, and help promote the fight against hunger.  Groups from around campus and in the Fort Collins community participated in a booth event to educate students about the work they do in our area.  We plan on organizing a similar event for Food Day 2014, next Fall.  For more information about Food Day 2013, click the following link for a video from the Collegian: http://www.collegian.com/2013/10/video-csu-food-day-2013/49228/

Clothes the Loop

In order to create sustainable solutions and awareness on the subject of clothing, the SSC will host our first ever clothing swap with the intention of making this a Fall and Spring semester event. The clothing swap will be open to the public and advertised both on and off campus in an effort to bring CSU students into contact with Fort Collins residence while simultaneously increasing the amount and selection of clothing. Clothes the Loop will also offer literature and examples of secondary and tertiary textile uses, educate attendees about the impacts of clothing manufacturing, and offer a wide variety of possible sustainable options.

Recycled Paper Notepads

Every week, hundreds of out-of-date advertisement cards are removed from CSU's residence halls. We reuse and transform them into recycled paper notepads using nothing but book-binding glue and elbow grease. For a free notepad, please stop by our office in 108 Johnson Hall.