History & Accomplishments


The Student Sustainability Center began Spring Semester 2009 to promote interdisciplinary collaboration between student organizations and individuals interested in leadership in sustainability. The original goal of the Student Sustainability Center was to provide up-to-date academic and practical resources on environmental issues and sustainability—-including books, documentaries, research papers and other educational tools. The library is currently stocked with over 100 books, thanks to donations from Dr. Diana Wall, Chelsea Green Publishing and Storey Publishing.

Over time, changes in student interests and University needs prompted an expansion of the charge of the Student Sustainability Center. In addition to providing educational resources for students, the SSC works to engage students, faculty and staff from across campus in making visible progress towards a more sustainable University. SSC projects are designed to link student knowledge and practical, interdisciplinary skills in the implementation of sustainable principles, processes and practices.

The Coalition for Campus Sustainability, a former CSU student organization, merged with the SSC in 2010.


  • A Dumpster Diving Open House, where students learned about excessive waste of reusable goods; and were encouraged to jump in a dumpster filled with (clean) trash, hats, games, books, knick knacks and more—then to take something home with them. That evening, Laura Pritchett, author of Going Green, lectured on the ethics, benefits and practice of dumpster diving.
  • Publishing the Green Bulletin, a weekly update email for the campus community about programs and events related to the environment or sustainability.
  • A monthly movie series has entertained and educated students from across campus.
  • As collaboration is essential in sustainable communities, the SSC has built relationships across campus and within the Fort Collins community to promote sustainability. Coordination with CSU’s student government and student groups like the SusDev organic garden, the composting club and the Coalition for Campus Sustainability has facilitated increased student participation and collaboration across groups.
  • A SSC sponsored Green Grant funded an expansion of the composting project to allow more students to get involved.
  • Earth Week events were co-organized with the Live Green Team, a group of student and housing staff volunteers who work together to take environmental action, and with the Warner College.
  • Helped inspire and organize campus Green Tours to educate the campus community about environmentally friendly buildings and programs on campus.
  • Provided a student voice in researching and writing the Climate Action Plan, CSU’s plan to reach carbon neutrality.
  • Collaborated with the City of Fort Collins Climate Wise program and the non-profit Be Local to pilot the Student Conservation Assessment Program to train students to complete environmental impact assessments with small, local businesses.