Student Sustainability Center


The Student Sustainability Center’s (SSC) mission is to empower students to advance sustainability principles and practices at Colorado State University and beyond. Through innovation and collaboration with the campus community, we work to raise awareness about opportunities for positive environmental impact and lead projects to achieve personal and institutional sustainability.


The Student Sustainability Center

  1. Engages students in projects and events initiated by the SSC and external organizations.
  2. Hosts speakers, films and other events to raise awareness about sustainability.
  3. Consolidates and distributes sustainability-related information and events through the Green Bulletin
  4. Builds relationships and networks across campus to promote environmental initiatives

Get Involved!

The SSC is working to increase student involvement and coordination among sustainable projects in our community.  By creating a strong network of sustainably minded organizations we can facilitate students’ ideas to a more efficient and effective level.  Additionally we lead projects such as the CSU Nitrogen Footprint Project, campus environmental policy initiatives, and events to educate and raise awareness about sustainability. 

We have weekly group meetings during the Fall and Spring semesters to work on these projects, and to brainstorm about any and all sustainability ideas. Meetings are open to everyone and we would love to see more interested people involved! Meeting times for the Fall 2016 semester will be announced shortly.  For a meeting schedule please see our Calendar, and to view information on past meetings please visit Meeting Minutes.

If you're interested in getting involved with the Student Sustainability Center and can't attend meetings, email the the SSC Director, Emily Taylor at or check out our Facebook page.

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