Sustainability Leadership Fellows IN THE NEWS

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July 8, 2015 "In Alaska's 'last frontier,' climate change provides new horizons for invasive species" article in NASA Global Climate Change Features article includes an interview with Matt Luizza, 2013-2014 Sustainability Leadership Fellow.
Congratulations to 2014-2015 Sustainability Leadership Fellow, Ashley Gramza, for being chosen to attend the 2015 The Wildlife Society Leadership Institute. Read the announcement HERE.
Congratulations to 2012-13 Sustainability Leadership Fellow, Seema N. Sheth, for being awarded a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology in the area of Interdisciplinary Research Using Biological Collections starting January 16!
Congratulations to 2013-2014 Sustainability Leadership Fellow, Jonathan Fisk, for receiving a tenure track position at Auburn University in the Department of Political Science. Jonathan will be involved in their Public Administration program that offers undergraduate, masters, and doctoral training.
Congratulations to 2012-2013 Sustainability Leadership Fellow, Sarah Fitzpatrick, CSU doctoral student in the Departmet of Biology, for her published paper, "Locally adapted traits maintained in the face of high gene flow". Read the press release HERE.

Congratulations to Wahid Awad for being selected by the College of Agriculture and International Programs at CSU as an International Presidential Fellow.
Wahid Awad featured in The Fence Post article, "CSU PhD student shares Egyptian perspective on agriculture."

Boulder County Business Report article "Simplifying science speak" by Melissa Schaaf November 22, 2013 - An article featuring SoGES Sustainability Leadership Fellows program.

KATIE LANGIN, 2011-2012 SLF, wrote an article titled, "Bird Embryos Can Discern Between Calls - A First in Nature" for National Geographic. Here is the full article.
Congratulations to KELLY HOPPING, 2011-2012 SLF, for winning two big awards at Ecological Society of America (ESA). Kelly received the "Excellence in Rangeland Ecology Research Award" and the ESA Biogeosciences "New Phytologist Best Student Presentation Award" for her talk "Climate change and grazing drive cascading responses in plant communities and carbon cycling on the Tibetan Plateau".
Congratulations to ANDREW T. TREDENNICK, 2012-2013 SLF, for being awarded the National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biology for the Fiscal Year 2014. View the NSF website here.
Congratulations to NATALIE ANDERSON, 2013-2014 SLF, for being awarded the GSA Fahenstock Graduate Student Award for the proposal to her project on land growth from driftwood at Great Slave Lake in Canada. This award is given annually to the student who submits the most outstanding research proposal to Geological Society of America (GSA) in the field of sediment transport or related aspects of fluvial geomorphology.

Congratulations to JILLIAN LANG, 2013-2014 SLF, for receiving The American Phytopathological Society J. Artie and Arra Browning Student Travel Award


Congratulations to JILLIAN LANG for her recent Fellowship Award for funding in the 2014 year from The Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels
Project synopsis: This project aims to determine the role of two important genes in lignin biosynthesis. Lignin is a critical lever in downstream bioenergy processes through its abundance in the complex matrix of plant cell walls. If the amount of lignin can be optimized, enzymatic digestion of cellulose or thermochemical conversion of lignin can be made more sustainable. We propose to use rice as our model plant, then translate our findings to its close relative, switchgrass, a strong perennial, drought tolerant bioenergy feedstock.

2012-2013 SLF PAUL TANGER speaking on his work improving rice crops: A Complete Harvest: the Future of Rice as BioEnergy

Congratulations on accepting a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship with United States Department of Agriculture!