2017-2018 Global Challenges Research Teams

Above: 2017-2018 Global Challenges Research Teams and Resident Fellows..

Northern Colorado Sustainable Systems Analysis Network

This team, which includes the City of Fort Collins, will connect the research needs of Northern Colorado’s local governments with sustainable systems analysts at CSU to evaluate strategies for climate mitigation, waste reduction, and water conservation. The team will bring important resources for this type of research to CSU and leverage existing research efforts for increased innovation and application.

Crisis and Creativity

This team represents a unique, trans-disciplinary collaboration between the natural sciences and the humanities that will address the increasing threat that species loss poses to global environmental sustainability. The team will develop a multi-media exhibition of art and nested educational outreach activities to translate the current biodiversity crisis through visual, audio and textual installation for the public at large.

Enhancing Urban Community Well-being through Horticulture and Design

Horticulture and urban design have wide-ranging impacts on physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals and on community well-being. Design components including parks, community gardens, playgrounds, sports fields, green spaces, and natural settings all contribute to individual and community well-being. This team will bring faculty and students together from across campus to tackle the challenges of sustainability in urban environments.

Clothing and Sustainability: Policy Implications through Structured Public Debate

This GCRT will examine current practices of post-consumer textile waste management and community perceptions regarding clothing lifecycle. They plan to develop evidence-based policy recommendations based on data gathered from perspectives of consumers, businesses and local municipality officials in Northern Colorado.