2014-2015 Global Challenges Research Teams

Above: 2014-2015 Global Challenges Research Teams and Resident Fellows.

Conservation Development

Evaluating an Emerging Approach for Sustaining Biodiversity and Human Communities in Rapidly Changing Landscapes This GCRT's mission is to synthesize data on the practice of Conservation Development (CD), to evaluate the outcomes of CD, and to engage with practitioners to inform the design of future development and land conservation. They define CD as an approach to the design, construction and stewardship of a development that achieves functional protection of natural resources while also providing social and economic benefits to human communities. The GCRT is comprised of 30 collaborators from four universities, five government agencies and conservation organizations, and 12 departments and five colleges at CSU. The ecologists, geographers, sociologists, planners, and experts in conservation finance, real estate, and landscape design on the team give them the breadth of expertise necessary to advance the frontier of Conservation Development. SoGES focal areas addressed: Biodiversity, Conservation and Management; Sustainable Communities; Land and Water Resources

Freshwater Ecosystems

Linking Water Quality and Water Quantity to Sustainability Manage Freshwater Ecosystems This research team will develop a multidisciplinary framework to positively influence land and water management practices that enhance the quality and sustainability of riverine ecosystems. SoGES Focal Areas addressed: Land and Water Resources; Biodiversity, Conservation and Management

Environmental History, Ecology, and Sustainability in Public Lands

This research team seeks to promote sustainability in public lands by bringing environmental historians into dialogue with sustainability scientists, specialists in the human dimensions of natural resource conservation, and natural resource managers. SoGES Focal Areas addressed: Environmental Institutions and Governance; Sustainable Communities; Land and Water Resources; Biodiversity, Conservation and Management

Climbers and Bat Conservation

A Novel Partnership for Conservation This research team will create a working group of rock climbing interest groups, CSU biologists and human dimension specialists, and CSU students to strategically collect information on bat roost locations and share bat conservation information with the climbing community.

Environmental Justice CSU

This research team’s mission is to explore how and why Equity and Environmental Justice are important elements of the study of the environment, public health, and sustainability at CSU. Visit Environmental Justice website for up-to-date information.  

Air Quality, Climate, and Health

This research team will promote multidisciplinary research on the interactions between forest ecosystems and human health, as mediated by wildfire and air quality, in addition to developing models and measures of wildfire impacts on society and environment.