Rio Tinto shareholders demand disclosure on climate risk

As companies come under increasing pressure, it seems that one way to show shareholders they are still listening, is to react positively to investor groups demanding a changing attitude on climate resilience.

Mapping the links between animal, human and eco health

The One Health approach takes as its starting point a focus on the fundamental interconnectedness of animal, human and environmentalhealth and systems. It supports research partnerships that span sectors and disciplines — a rare thing until not long ago — in the pursuit ofpolicies and action that balance the needs of all three.

Farmland Could Play Key Role in Tackling Climate Change

The earth’s soil stores a lot of carbon from the atmosphere, and managing it with the climate in mind may be an important part of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to curb global warming, according to a paper published Wednesday in the journal Nature.

A Wilmington neighborhood is an island in a sea of petroleum

Wilmington residents are exposed to all that belches and wafts from recyclers, chemical plants, scrap yards, six oil refineries, hundreds of oil wells, trucks, trains, and cargo ships in the harbor.

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Regenerating degrade dirt

Efforts to boost soil carbon aim to improve crop yields and combat climate change.

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