Wolf: Friend or Foe?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm

Avogadro’s Number (605 S Mason Street Fort Collins, Colorado 80524)

How will their reintroduction into Colorado impact the environment, economy, and culture?

Join us in a community panel discussion on one of the American West’s most controversial species, the wolf. From ranchers to hunters and conservationists to activists, everyone is weighing in on how the reintroduction of wolves into Colorado will affect our rural, urban and natural environments. 

It’s a long-lived debate between ecological restoration and social tolerance. Wolves may be coming naturally; do we wait and fend them off or do we intentionally reintroduce and learn to coexist?


  • Dana Hoag, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • Valerie Johnson, Department of Clinical Sciences
  • Phil Cafaro, Department of Environmental Ethics 
  • Rick Knight, Department of Human Dimensions and Natural Resources

Gene Kelly, Assistant Director for Research and Development at SoGES, Deputy Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station and Associate Dean of Extension.

School of Global Environmental Sustainability