Histories of Immigration, Histories of Place

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Greyrock Room, Lory Student Center, CSU

Immigration is currently provoking heated debate about national inclusivity; the rights of legal and illegal immigrants and refugees; security and justice; federal and local authority. In this panel we will show that immigration can be understood only if it is examined historically and in specific cultural, material, and environmental contexts. Our panelists will examine immigration in diverse settings in Colorado and Nebraska. They will discuss a range of issues, from the history of immigrant workers and environmental sustainability in agricultural settings to the history of justice in immigrant communities. They will discuss as well how to foster understanding of immigration in classrooms, museums, and the public square.


  • Dr. Doug Sheflin, Instructor, Department of History
  • Ariel Schnee, Project Manager, Public Lands History Center
  • Jillian Lobner, M.A. Candidate, History Department
  • Carly Boerrigter, M.A. Candidate, History Department
  • Dr. Adam Thomas, Instructor, History Department


Ruth Alexander, Professor of History

Public Lands History Center
Department of History
School of Global Environmental Sustainability