Community Clothing Swap

Sunday, April 22, 2018 - 11:00am to 3:00pm

The Agave Room (The Rio), 149 West Mountain Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

It's time for the Spring Edition of the Women's Bi-annual Clothing Swap! And we're amping up and will be better than ever: bigger space, better organization, and partnering with the CSU Design and Merchandising department.

Rules are the same:

  • Go through your closets and bring all items you're tired of seeing there and want to get rid of. This is includes clothing, jewelry, shoes, maternity items, hats, purses, etc. - and even bras! (all left over bras go to my contact in Denver who gets them to homeless women).
  • When you show up, distribute you're own items to the appropriate marked table. (We should have some extra helpers around to help with this part so don't feel overwhelmed if you show up with 5 garbage bags of items.)
  • Look around and take home anything you like!

No rules on how many items you bring vs. how many items you take - so take as much as you would like! It's all free so no buyers remorse here.

If you don't want your items back - leave 'em!- everything left over will be donated to local thrift stores.

And remember--- we're all local ladies here, so be respectful and helpful to each other while shopping around.

*Please don't bring any dirty or damaged clothing, just what other people could still use.

School of Global Environmental Sustainability; Clothing & Sustainability Research Group; Department of Design & Merchandising; Teddi Parker; Student Sustainability Center; CSU Water Center; Sustainable Living Association