GES Minor Required Courses

The School of Global Environmental Sustainability is proud to offer two courses that are required to complete the interdisciplinary minor in Global Environmental Sustainability.

GES 101- Foundations of Global Environmental Sustainability

Fall and Spring, Dale Lockwood or ONLINE

GES-101 provides an interdisciplinary analysis of the issues associated with applying the concepts, foundations, and metrics of global environmental sustainability applied to global challenges within the fields of environmental sciences in agricultural, urban and rural contexts. The course will first explore the historical development of "sustainability" as a concept and it will then look at how the concept of sustainability has influenced real-world practice in various sectors such as health, agriculture, natural resource management, poverty reduction, and other relevant areas of study.

GES 470- Applications of Environmental Sustainability

Fall and Spring, Suellen Melzer

This course will integrate and apply the foundations of environmental sustainability (the environmental, social, and economic dimensions) to achieve a holistic understanding of environmental issues, practices and problem solving. These three dimensions will serve as the sustainability foundations for the course.  Students will learn and apply tools for assessing environmental issues and best practices for working in interdisciplinary teams.  Case studies demonstrating sustainability principles will be evaluated through discussion and writing, and students will conduct a team project that addresses and dissects an important issue related to global environmental sustainability.  Finally, students will assess their personal academic program (Interdisciplinary Minor) in sustainability, and set goals for their future sustainability endeavors.


For more information on the education programs and courses offered by the School of Global Environmental Sustainability, please contact Dale Lockwood, SoGES Educational Coordinator, at or by calling (970) 492-4070