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Grand Challenges Course Call for Proposals

Colorado State University is a leader in environmental sustainability research and education.  To encourage the emphasis on sustainability topics in curriculum across disciplines, the university seeks development of an upper division (300-400 level) Grand Challenge Course (GCC) that addresses Global Issues, to be offered to undergraduate students through the School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES).  The GCC on Global Issues will offer students a course specifically addressing global issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course must be taught in the 2017-18 Academic year.

CSU already has many courses that include topics of sustainability.  The difference between the GCC and a traditional CSU course is that the GCC will be developed and taught by two faculty members from two different colleges and offered as an upper-division elective to CSU undergraduate students.  Having two faculty members working on a single course will provide students with a challenging learning experience that offers expertise from two disciplines, but focused on one topic.  Thus students will analyze course material from multiple perspectives; the GCC will encourage critical and creative thinking, along with dialectical inquiry consistent with SoGES educational goals (See the SoGES minor for a look at an interdisciplinary program

Examples of topics that might be covered include biodiversity, food, health, immigration, energy, poverty and water, among others.

The CSU Grand Challenge Course must do the following:

  1. The GCC must address sustainability and global issues such as the examples listed above
  2. The GCC must include systems thinking, encourage critical and creative thinking, and incorporate active learning
  3. Be taught from multiple disciplinary perspectives
  4. Be co-taught by at least two individuals from different colleges (preferably regular faculty, long-term instructors, and/or distinguished visitors)

Faculty members who are interested in teaching a Grand Challenge Course must develop a proposal that includes the following:

  1. Course topic that addresses sustainability and global issues
  2. Course overview
  3. Learning objectives and expected outcomes
  4. Academic level of students expected to enroll in the course
  5. Explicitly explain the roles of the two faculty members who will teach the course and how each discipline will be approached
  6. Explicitly explain how the course will address systems thinking, critical and creative thinking, and incorporate active learning

Please submit proposals via the form below by April 3, 2017.  Proposals will be reviewed by the School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES) Curriculum Committee.

The faculty of the accepted proposal will receive one-time supplemental pay up to $5000 per instructor. Faculty may request a course buyout or supplemental pay, to be negotiated with their chair/head. The successful proposal must be presented for approval as an experimental course two months prior to the deadline for the semester in which the course is to be offered.

The approved course must be taught in the 2017-2018 academic year.