Frequently asked questions about the GES Minor

How do I sign up for the minor?

To sign up for the minor you need to meet with the SoGES Academic Coordinator. Dr. Lockwood has weekly advising hours (these change each semester) during which you can drop in. You can also set up an appointment to meet. To add a minor you have to have a Change of Major, Minor, or Concentration form completed. You will get this from the Academic Coordinator when you meet with him. You then take the completed form to the Registrar’s Office (Centennial Hall) and the minor will appear in your DARS report shortly after.

To contact the SoGES Academic Coordinator, please email Dr. Lockwood at or by calling (970) 492-4070. SPRING 2016 Advisor hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 1pm-2pm | Johnson Hall room 131.

I have taken all the courses and my DARS report says that I do not have my Upper Division Elective. Is there a problem?

The computer system that the University uses for tracking your requirements is unable to determine the correct course to move to the Upper Division Elective. As a result the Upper Division Elective requires a form to handed into the Registrar identifying which class is to be the elective. At the beginning of your last semester you need to stop by to sign your Graduation Contract for the minor and at that time we complete the form for the Upper Division Elective.

How many upper division credits do I need for the minor?

You need a minimum of 12 credits in courses 300 or above. Three of those credits come from GES 470 and three come from the Upper Division Elective. That means that two of the courses you take from Groups A, B, C and D must be upper division.

If I take a class that counts towards another minor or my major can I use this class for the GES minor?

Yes – absolutely. If the course satisfies more than one requirement this does not affect the minor at all.

I am trying to register for a class in the minor but the system tells me that I am not allowed. Can I take the class?

Yes – there are a couple of courses in the minor (NR320 and MGT 360) that are identified as only for students in a particular major. Since the courses are approved for the minor you just need to contact the instructor (or department if the instructor is not listed at the time of registration) and ask for an override because you are in the GES minor.

I studied abroad for a semester and took a course that really fit with the minor but obviously is not on the checksheet. Can this course count toward the minor?

Yes – but several things have to happen. First the course has to be approved by the university for credit at CSU. Then you need to petition for a substitution for the minor. To do this you need to send four things to the Academic Coordinator. You need to submit the course syllabus, the course schedule, a paragraph explaining which Group requirement the course satisfies and an explanation as to why this course is being substituted and you are not completing the minor as listed in the checksheet.