Engineering Endorsed Courses

The School of Global Environmental Sustainability lists courses at the undergraduate and graduate level that have strong Global Environmental Sustainability content with an attribute in the online course catalog. These endorsements help students to indentify courses that will strengthen their literacy in complex global environmental sustainability. Endorsed courses come from almost every college on campus and are approved by the School’s curriculum committee.

CIVE 544 Water Resources Planning and Management
Neil S. Grigg
Course Description: Management and planning of natural and constructed water systems. Integrated management and case studies of water use and environmental resources.
College: Engineering
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

ATS 150 Science of Global Climate Change
Scott Denning
Course Description: Energy budget of the earth, the greenhouse effect, carbon cycle, paleoclimate, projections of 21st century climate
College: Engineering
Department: Atmospheric Sciences

SOCR/CIVE 481 Water and Waste Recycling
Catherine Keske, Sybil Sharvelle, and Jessica Davis
College: Agricultural Sciences
Department: Soil and Crop Sciences, Civil and Environmental Engineering