Dining with Sustainability Participants

Laura Ellison

Laura Ellison
Ecologist, U.S. Geological Survey
I am an Ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, Fort Collins Science Center, Colorado. I mostly work on bat research topics including acoustic monitoring in New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah, bat population status and trends in the United States, and population dynamics of big brown bats roosting in buildings in Fort Collins in relation to the rabies virus. I currently lead the Data Management Team of the national response to white-nose syndrome (WNS), a devastating disease of bats in the northeast. I am also part of a team of statisticians, bat biologists, and quantitative ecologists developing a North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat).
Five descriptive words: 
ecologist, bat biologist, coordinator, mid-career

Jan Engert

Assistant Station Director, Communication and Applied Science, Rocky Mountain Research Station, US Forest Service
Catalyze work between researchers and managers to inform policy and identify future science needs. Will be responsible beginning this spring for overall science delivery functions of the Rocky Mountain research Station including media, legislative affairs, and publications as well internal employee communication.
Five descriptive words: 
extension, science-manager partnerships, collaborative research, policy, relevance

Kathryn Ernst

Program Manager, GSSE MBA, Colorado State University
I recruit and support student entrepreneurs building social and sustainable ventures in the GSSE MBA program at CSU. I manage networking and alumni support, as well as cross-campus collaborations in the social enterprise space.
Five descriptive words: 
manager, supporter, entrepreneurial, global, sustainable

Chrissy Esposito

Graduate Student, School of Public Health, Colorado State University
I am a master's student in the school of public health at Colorado state university. I do West Nile Virus monitoring for the Boulder county public health department which involves doing a spatial and temporal analysis of West Nile virus cases from 2003-2013. I also do geospatial work for a company on CSU's campus which involves creating GIS maps for students and faculty.
Five descriptive words: 
GIS, Analyst, Student, health, epidemiology

Lance Everette

Technical Product Developer, US Geological Survey
I design and manage development of enterprise information and data management systems, primarily for ecological researchers. My background is in wildlife biology, and I've been working for USGS for over 15 years. Many of my projects are collaborations with multiple other federal agencies to monitor, manage and respond to ecological challenges.
Five descriptive words: 
web manager, wildlife biology, information technology, mid-career, manager

Rebecca Everette

Associate Planner, Planning Department, City of Fort Collins
I am an urban planner for the City of Fort Collins, and my prior experience includes environmental planning and private consulting. I work on a mix of long-range planning efforts for areas of the community, in addition to reviewing development proposals within the city. A large part of my work involves public communication and outreach related to local planning efforts. Sustainability is a primary focus for the City as an organization, as well as my own practice.
Five descriptive words: 
urban planner, public outreach, early career, applied, policy

Lindsay Ex

Lindsay Ex
Senior Environmental Planner, City of Fort Collins
My work with Fort Collins emphasizes the incorporation of ecological principles into the development review process, while my research explores how practitioners cross disciplinary boundaries to achieve better conservation and social outcomes on the ground.
Five descriptive words: 
Environmental Planner, mid career, applied

Chris Farley

Management Analyst, Strategic Management & Accountability, US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Station
As the management analyst at the Forest Service’s Rocky Mountain Research Station, I help organize, analyze and assess the various scientific activities of the Station. This includes summarizing and communicating the work of over 85 research scientists and associated support staff over a 14 State area, as well as designing the incentives and data systems to encourage scientists to address the topics of most interest to decision makers, Congress, and the American public.
Five descriptive words: 
human dimensions research, climate-change, biomass, science management

Nick Fazzini

Community Engagement Intern, City of Fort Collins
This semester I was chosen as one of two interns to help in the community engagement division of utilities. Fort Collins is participating in a two year competition to have the largest drop in energy consumption as a whole. The winner receives five million dollars which will then be spent on sustainable infrastructure within the city. Our job as interns is to engage the community and raise awareness about the simple improvements you can make to live with a smaller carbon footprint. This internship utilizes the skills I have learned throughout my studies in the Communication Studies major paired with a minor in Global Environmental Sustainability minor.
Five descriptive words: 
businessman, outgoing, self-starter, engaged, volunteer

Michelle Finchum

Michelle Finchum
Public Relations, Fort Collins Utilities
My work strives to foster a resilient and engaged community by facilitating participation in the programs and services offered by Fort Collins Utilities.
Five descriptive words: 
engagement, water, education, environment, international