GES 481A1- Sustainable Strategies for E-Waste Management

Semester, Days, Time: 
Fall 2018
Course Description: 

We are a “throw-away” culture. And when it comes to electronics, never was that truer than it is today. The rate at which our devices become obsolete and the degree to which electronics have become a part of so many of the products and services we rely on make the management and disposal of electronic waste (E-waste) one of the great environmental and social challenges of the 21st century. In this new course, we offer students an opportunity to learn about the sources and impacts—both social and environmental—of e-waste. Students will learn to apply holistic (systems) thinking to both analyze and mitigate these impacts—from a product’s design and manufacture to its use, re-use, recycle and fate in the environment.

We invite you to join our interdisciplinary team of experts from academia and industry as we explore strategies for sustainable management of e-waste.