GES 180A4 - Water Sustainability in the Western US

Semester, Days, Time: 
Fall 2018, TR, 11am-12:15pm
Course Description: 

The CSU Water Center and the School of Global and Environmental Sustainability are pleased to offer a new introductory water course for the Fall 2018 semester. This three-credit course offers a multi-disciplinary overview of the issues surrounding the biggest challenges to the sustainability of life in the western U.S.

Sustainable water use is one of the most pressing problems facing our region. This vital resource sustains municipal drinking water, agriculture, recreation opportunities, habitat, and even Colorado’s robust brewery industry. Yet climate change and other human impacts make water increasingly complicated to manage and use sustainably. This course will explore these challenges, as well as water law and the history of water development in the Western US, and acquaint students with the ways in which CSU is involved in efforts to address water sustainability and the many opportunities the university offers to engage in a deeper study of water issues.

Topics include:

  • The role that water plays in supporting human populations, agriculture, and wildlife
  • The history of water development in the West
  • The processes that govern water allocation
  • How infrastructure allows water to be moved and used
  • Challenges to the sustainability of water resources
  • Population growth, climate change, and other impacts on water quality

Students from all disciplines are welcome. The only prerequisite is an interest in learning about this critical resource that has defined this part of the world and will shape its future.

Further updates will be posted on the Water Center website: