2017 Summer Community Sustainability Workshop

Semester, Days, Time: 
Summer 2017
Course Description: 

Through this 6-credit workshop to be taught during the summer, you will gain hands-on experience finding sustainable solutions to community challenges related to social, environmental, and economic issues. As you write about challenges in the community in the workshop, you will develop important, contextual knowledge through real-world experiences with research, writing, and design. You will consider varied community perspectives on a topic and develop and communicate as an engaged and informed practitioner-participant. You will demonstrate your potential as a transformational thinker and an ethical communicator, while helping the community find practical solutions to important questions.

6-credit Workshop includes GES-180A3, Applied Community Sustainability and, either, CO150, College Composition, or CO300, Writing Arguments.

Info: hellmund@colostate.edu See: www.facebook.com/groups/CSUSustain