Jennifer Tobin-Gurley

Jennifer Tobin-Gurley
PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, Colorado State University
Director of Research and Engagement, Center of Disaster and Risk Analysis

Jennifer is the Director of Research and Engagement for the Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis and a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology at Colorado State University (CSU).  Jennifer’s research focuses on learning about the experiences of underprivileged populations in disasters to improve policy and practice. Specifically, her dissertation research will focus on children and youth who were affected by the 2013 Colorado Floods. This work will highlight the needs and capacities of young people who experience disasters. What is known about children and disasters often comes from the perspective of adults in their life. The goal of this research is to learn about the experiences of children and youth from their own perspective, in order to reduce harm associated with disaster loss in the future.

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Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis (CDRA)
Department of Sociology
College of Liberal Arts