Science Communication Workshop

Each year, incoming SoGES Sustainability Leadership Fellows kick off their Fellowship with a Science Communication Workshop. The workshop is run by COMPASS, science communication specialists, and incorporates renowned journalist trainers to educate Fellows about effectively communicating science to media and the public.

This workshop is a compressed version of the tried & true methodologies of Nancy Baron for teaching effective communication skills to scientific researchers. Through her positions with COMPASS and the Aldo Leopold Leadership Program, Nancy Baron has become one of the top trainers in effective scientific communication.

Selected Sustainability Leadership Fellows will receive multidimensional training to best communicate their science to scientific and non-scientific communities alike, and to effectively address global environmental challenges in a landscape of increasing digitalization and information accessiblity.

At the end of the program, Fellows will be able to elegantly deconstruct, define, and communicate their research within the framework of broader global environmental challenges using cross-disciplinary and integrative thinking.


COMPASS- Communication Partnership for Science and the Sea

COMPASS is dedicated to helping ocean scientists connect themselves and their science to the wider world. By giving scientists the communication tools they need, and by bridging the worlds of science, journalism and policy, COMPASS works to ensure that ocean science is better understood and used by society.


Aldo Leopold Leadership Program

Workshop developer, Nancy Baron, is the lead communications trainer for the Aldo Leopold Leadership Program.

The Leopold Leadership Program at Stanford University's Woods Institute for the Environment provides academic researchers with the skills and connections they need to be effective leaders and communicators.

Program Goals:

  • Provide leadership and communications training for environmental researchers from a range of fields to ensure they have the necessary skills to serve as leaders and communicators
  • Increase the involvement and visibility of academic researchers in public outreach by linking them with decision makers and opinion shapers
  • Encourage academic institutions to recognize and reward outreach by researchers to decision makers and other external audiences

CSU Faculty who are Leopold Leadership Fellows


Escape from the Ivory Tower

In August 2010, Nancy Baron released a book based on her experiences helping scientists communicate their research. Escape from the Ivory Tower: A Guide to Making Your Science Matter teaches scientists what journalists and policymakers want from them, how to form a clear message, and how to be interviewed.

Excerpts from Escape from the Ivory Tower: A Guide to Making Your Science Matter, as well as case studies and exercises on science communication are available on Nancy’s website.